Nick Koot

Miton Accu’s en Batterijen, Utrecht

We have 8 different battery testers, including 4 from Dokter Accu.

The 4-4-2 is just right in terms of features and ease of use
and that is the reason that we use this tester
the most!

Europe's most used battery tester!

  1. The number 1 in user-friendliness: The 4-4-2 W30 20 A
  2. The most extensive options: The 4-4-2 W30 20A
  3. Easy to connect thanks to the quick start.
  4. Free user training for 1 or more colleagues
  5. Our testers are in use at all two-wheeler training institutes

B2 Lift BV

Ready for the future, the 4-4-2 W30 20A

Ebike, Speed Pedelec or electric scooter, the 4-4-2 W30 can handle this;

Suitable for 12-72 Volt battery packs. Min8 Volt- max 88 Volt

Suitable for permanently discharging 20vbAmpere, but 0.01 A is also possible!

Infinitely adjustable, works very easily via your screen

B2 Lift BV


With the 4-4-2 battery tester you can quickly and easily see the status of a battery. Avoid bad buys and endless discussions with your customers and start saving time and money today!

Frank Balk – DokterAccu / B2 Products BV owner

  • From 8-88 Volt batteries

  • Loadable from 0.1 to 20A!

  • Includes chart and report software

  • Robust and simple

  • 2 year warranty (extendable)

  • Including course in Ede

4-4-2 W 30 – 20 Ampere



The 4-4-2 battery tester is indispensable for maintaining and testing electric bicycle batteries 24 and 36 and 48 Volt. Many colleagues have preceded you.


Availability in countries


Batteries tested


Bicycle specialists work with it


Would you also like to know why the electric bicycle goes uphill? Would you also like to know why the number of kilometers is decreasing? And whether the battery you have purchased is not only new on the outside, but also new on the inside?

  • Power

    Does the battery still have power (amps) to drive up the mountain in the highest support? You can charge the battery with 5, 7 or 10 Ampere.

  • Battery content

    What is the content of the battery? This measured in Ampere/hour determines the distance you can drive.

  • Operation

    Does the battery charger still work properly? You can check with the 4-4-2 at which voltage the charger will turn off.

  • Free course

    A free course is included with the purchase of a 4-4-2 battery tester. Take advantage of this and become an expert in testing E-bike batteries.

  • For every brand

    A connection is available for almost every brand. We dare to say that of the products available on the market, the 4-4-2 is the tester with the most possible connections.

  • Versatile

    The 4-4-2 Model D can test batteries from 6 to 48 Volts. The battery tester can handle: lead battery, NiMh, and various lithium batteries from multiple suppliers.


Jitse Maandag, Maandag’s Rijwielhandel, Zwartsluis

“The reason for choosing the 4-4-2 from Dokter Accu is that I wanted a good and user-friendly battery tester in the workshop that is easy to operate and gives a clear picture of the battery to be tested. I also thought it was important that the tester can print out all the data in a clear overview. The 4-4-2 met all these requirements. My experience with the 4-4-2 battery tester is that it is user-friendly and that it is easy to connect to the battery. You can then immediately read the values ​​of the battery in the display. We have already tested various batteries of bicycles to be traded in and were able to show the customer the condition of the battery. Then you can make an informed trade-in price. I would choose Dokter Accu again in a heartbeat because a lot of attention is paid to explaining how it works and there is also sufficient feedback from the company.”

Nick Koot, Miton Accu’s en Batterijen, Utrecht

“When purchasing a battery tester, I paid attention to three things: price, ease of use and voltage choice. Every tester on the market has its pros and cons. Some testers are too simple and therefore somewhat limited, while other testers are very extensive and sometimes overcomplicate things. The 4-4-2 is just right in terms of possibilities and ease of use and that is also the reason that we use this tester by far the most and often. You can easily choose the right voltage (24, 36, 48 Volt) and with the push of a button a peak current can easily be set temporarily to simulate a significant resistance. That, together with being able to quickly start the actual test, makes it the go-to tester for us. The times we choose another tester are rare specific cases where we need additional parameters or variables. I would therefore choose Dokter Accu again. The ease of use is decisive; we just need far fewer actions to do a test. We test on average about 15 batteries a day and use 8 different testers for this. Almost never all 8 testers are on at the same time, but when we are testing, there is always a 4-4-2 on.”


A special customer of Dokter Accu is Bpost. The Belgian post has a total of more than 2000 e-bikes in use and uses 65 battery testers from Dokter Accu (model C) at the regional distribution centers. “The need for battery testers was very great for us, especially before destroying old batteries,” the company reports about the choice for the 4-4-2. “In the search for the right battery tester, the 4-4-2 came out on top in terms of price and ease of use. Our experiences have been positive: the testers are easy to use and the software works well and provides complete and reliable information.”


Feel free to visit us in Ede for a demonstration or visit us at one of the upcoming trade fairs.

We are sure you will fully understand the power and simplicity of our battery tester after this.

We are open on working days from 9am to 5pm by appointment. We are closed on weekends.

Fast & Adequate Testing

The 4-4-2 is able to test the battery at 10A (briefly) to measure the actual power in the battery. Within 30 seconds you will have your first conclusion.

Brand & Battery Independent

The 4-4-2 Model D can test batteries from 6 to 48 Volts. The battery tester can handle: lead battery, NiMh, and various lithium batteries from multiple suppliers.

Avoid Bad Buys

This 4-4-2 battery tester can make money for you and save money for you by:

  • testing the battery when purchasing used electric bicycles
  • preventing the purchase of damaged batteries