ANWB Research into bicycle batteries

The ANWB received so many signals from members who received complaints from members who encountered problems with the battery of their electric bicycle, that they have conducted research into the most common problems.

The union investigated common complaints such as malfunctioning batteries, or the delivery of bad or questionable batteries. By using a battery tester from Dokter Accu, you avoid purchasing and reselling such bad or questionable batteries. The representative survey among ANWB members shows that half of the members with an e-bike have experienced problems with the battery. The members also indicated that they were insufficiently informed about the maintenance and lifespan of the battery. The research showed, among other things, that e-bike users are poorly informed about how so-called ‘deep discharges’ can be prevented. This is when the battery is run down too far and becomes unusable. It is also unclear to many users how best to store the battery if the bicycle is not used for a longer period of time, for example during the winter period.

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