Battery testers from Dokter Accu: easy to use

A battery tester? Isn’t that very difficult to use and don’t I have to learn all kinds of things for it? Not with the battery testers from Doctor Accu. For the development of our battery tester, we actually had a goal at Dokter Accu: a good and simple tool to test batteries with. We succeeded. The battery tester works very simply. The battery is connected to the battery tester with one simple plug.

Are you perhaps afraid that you are connecting the battery incorrectly? That is not possible. It is a battery tester so you cannot cause a short circuit. The number one in user-friendliness is our 4-4-2 Model C. By connecting the battery to our battery tester, you will know within thirty seconds whether the battery is still good. With the battery tester it is possible to charge the battery to the maximum, as if you were driving up a mountain. In that case, the battery should not drain more than two or three volts. If he does, then the battery is unfortunately no longer good. This is a fairly short test, but it is possible to simulate with the battery tester as if you were going on a full bike ride. In this way you can test the batteries you purchase, but also the batteries of your customers extremely well.

Would you like additional explanation about how the battery tester works? When purchasing a battery tester, you will receive free user training with one or more colleagues at our office in Ede. Want to see how our e-bike tester works without having to travel right away? Then watch our instruction video here.

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