Prevent bad purchases with the battery testers from Dokter Accu

You may know it as a bicycle repair shop: a customer comes to you with his electric bicycle and wants to sell it on to you. You ask whether the battery is still working properly. “No problem, it runs like a charm”, the customer tells you. Then you buy the bicycle with battery, but after you have tried to charge the battery, you notice that the battery does not work. You call the customer, explain that the battery does not work after all and kindly ask for your money back. However, the customer refuses to return the money and says he is sure his battery still worked. Now you have a problem: you have a battery that no longer works and you have paid money for it.

As an entrepreneur, such bad buys will of course not be in the cold clothes and you will notice this in your wallet. With the battery testers from Dokter Accu you can sell such bad buys within thirty seconds. With a battery tester from Dokter Accu you can quickly and easily find out whether the battery to be purchased still works. With our battery testers you avoid bad buys and haggling with customers.

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