Tips for a healthy e-bike battery

When you test the batteries for your customers, it always shows good service if you give them some tips. For this reason, we have set out five tips from below.

If your battery has a range of 60 kilometers and you ride 20 kilometers per day, it is not necessary to charge the bicycle every day. It is better to do this every other day. This ensures that the number of unnecessary charging cycles is reduced. This is particularly relevant for old type batteries.

It is also very important that the battery never runs out completely. If the battery becomes completely empty, this can seriously damage the battery. This can even make the battery unusable. With our battery tester you can check how full your battery is. With a Lithium Ion battery, the battery does not have to be completely empty to recharge it.

If you do not use the electric bicycle for a while, it is not necessary to have the e-bike constantly on the charger. It is advisable to recharge the battery every now and then. For example, you can put the battery on the charger every two weeks. Modern batteries do not run out quickly. It is good to cycle a bit in the winter months, for example. Then recharge the battery again.

Whenever possible, do not leave the battery in a very cold bicycle shed or shed. Keep the battery in a warm place or at home at low temperatures. Also keep in mind that the average lifespan of a battery is three years. It is therefore important to take into account that the range of your battery can decrease significantly after three years. So write off one third of the purchase price on your battery every year.

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