Why buy a battery tester?

Is purchasing a battery tester for e-bikes really necessary? Our 500+ customers worldwide would say yes. But what reasons would you have to purchase one of our battery testers? In this blog we give you some reasons to purchase a battery tester. For example, when you purchase an old battery or e-bike from a customer, you can know within thirty seconds whether the battery is as new as it looks from the outside.

Maybe you want to know if the battery is still able to support your customer when climbing a mountain in the highest support? This is possible with our battery tester. It is also possible to measure the content of the battery. The content measured in Amperes or hours determines the distance you can travel with the e-bike. It is also possible to test whether the battery charger still works properly. With our 4-2-2 model at which voltage the charger shuts off. It is also extra advantageous to purchase an E-bike battery tester from us because you will receive a free course for you and your colleagues.

Our battery tester can also be connected to almost any brand. We at Dokter Accu dare to say that of all products available on the market, our 4-4-2 is the tester with the most possible connections. When purchasing the 4-4-2 battery tester, you will receive 5 cables with plug as standard. Finally, our battery is also very versatile. For example, our 4-4-2 Model C can test batteries at 24, 36 and 48 volts. Our 4-4-2 Model D can even test batteries from 6 to 48 volts. Both models can also handle: lead-acid battery, NiMh and various lithium batteries from different suppliers.

Other reasons are of course that you can test batteries of used electric bicycles, which prevents the purchase of damaged batteries with our battery tester. You can also maintain customer batteries in the winter for a fee and you can of course maintain your own stock of batteries in the store. For example, regularly discharging the batteries ensures an improved condition. So you can more consciously manage your capital in batteries. Thanks to your improved knowledge of batteries, you are also in a stronger position in conversations with consumers and battery suppliers.

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